Developing Aeronautical Leaders in India
The Institute is approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India, New Delhi under Category ā€˜Gā€™ Training School to impart ab-initio training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

We Aimed for obtaining Basic License in Mechanical Stream [Heavy Aeroplane (HA), Jet Engine (JE)] Vide Letter No. DAW/TRG/2006, and Mechanical Stream [Rotary Aircraft Wing (RA), Jet Engine (JE) and Piston Engine (PE)] .
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Campus and Amenities
We have spacious classrooms for the Course, book-bank facility to the bright and needy students, state-of-the-art workshop and Computer Based Training facility so that each students can learn, understand & practice the lessons at his own pace.

Also the students are encouraged to develop working models,mock-ups which enhances their technical apptite... learn more >>
Mechanical Stream (HA, JE, LA, PE)
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Mechanical Stream (RA, JE, PE)
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Fire Safety & Hazard Management
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